Irrigation Schemes

     As an extension of the cane development programme, the Mill also actively supports various irrigation schemes in its area of operation. A separate Irrigation Department of the Mill extends necessary technical, financial and logistic support to such schemes.

     Under this Scheme, the Mill encourages farmers to form a cooperative society and helps them to contribute their equity. The Mill contributes an equal amount towards its own equity in the Scheme. In the next stage, it helps the Society in getting finance from a bank and provides all technical support to implement the scheme. If there is any shortfall in funds or escalation in the project cost, the same is contributed by the Mill.

     After cane plantation, bank loan is repaid in fixed installments. The Mill takes back its equity only after the scheme is completely loan-free.

  • Out of the 17 irrigation projects undertaken / supported by the Mill, 16 have already been commissioned.

  • The total project cost of these schemes together is Rs. 24.63 crores.

  • The Mill has so far contributed Rs. 2.62 crores towards these schemes as its own equity.

  • These schemes have brought a total area of 5985 acres under irrigation, which includes almost 2800 acres of land under cane cultivation.